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Oral Wellness Desk

“Oral wellness Lead to Overall wellness”

Every decayed tooth is an area of infection…Mouth is the entry point to the digestive system of the body. It should be as clean as your kitchen.

Mouth is loaded with bacteria and other infective organisms. 99% of the population are affected with Gum inflammation..
Gum disease could cause heart disease; gum bleeding could be a serious concern.
Smelly mouth makes you silent… crooked smile takes away your confidence…

A dentist can save many lives…!!!

  1. Studies show that 99.9 percent of population is affected with oral diseases.
  2. Dentists are the primary professionals in need for all.
  3. A responsible dentist can motivate general wellness options to his patients if the dentist is accessible to all levels of the community.
  4. Studies reveal the strong influence of oral disease with life threatening conditions.
  5. Early intervention would help to prevent such events.
  6. Making dental setting as instruments to promote lifestyle disease prevention is a very practical approach towards definite results.
  7. Baseline medical& Dental record of every patient is tool for the future even for the forensic purpose.
  8. A dentist can save many lives.
  9. A dentist can boost up your confidence.

Dentist Against Diabetes

Dentist could help a diabetic patient in many ways. Studies have shown that alveolar bone of a diabetic patient is more prone for resorption when the soft gum tissue is inflamed or infected hence leading to spacing between teeth causing food impaction and eventually movement of teeth causes positional changes and finally exfoliation. Plaque and Calculus aggravates the above conditions.
Dentist can help these people from losing their smile …By doing a preventive oral prophylaxis for both teeth and gums would reduce the inflammation and chances for infection especially in diabetic patients and every human being. It is sure that Promoting Oral health would be satisfying for a diabetologist or physician who really cares about the wellness of their patients. Gum disease can be cured with a professional dental cleaning and polishing.

Dentist for Heart

Periodontal Problems (Gum related) are common in Heart patients. Studies show the direct relationship between Gum disease and Cardiac conditions. A patient with valvular disease needs prophylactic measures before invasive dental procedures. Recent studies show that chronic gum infection can increase the risk of heart ailments.

Dentist for Eye

Dentist could recommend for a Diabetes test as a part of routine checkup. Keeping a baseline medical record is a regular practice in good dental clinics. Early diagnosis could prevent the development of diabetic retinopathy thus helping to preserve vision.

Dentist for Confidence

A nice set of front teeth are like petals of a smile…it gives a lot of confidence A bright set of stain free teeth, pink gums and odour free breath shows your attitude towards dental health. CDC could change a person’s life with a referral to a dentist.CDC can play a role by enhancing facial esthetics of every person by informing them the options and referring.CDC can also help in counseling or referring to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Dentist For Future Health

Pregnant woman’s hormonal changes which results in gum inflammation and eventually pyogenic granuloma. Decayed tooth could result in pain during that period. It is necessary to be dentally healthy before getting pregnant. It must be done with cleaning, Polishing & Filling the teeth in a dental office. CDC could help their patient with this piece of Advice.
Kids are the Future. To be physically healthy, Kids should visit the dentist at least from the first birthday. Fluoride therapy & other Preventive measures could help our children from tooth ache as well as bad bites which is otherwise known as crooked teeth. Black decayed teeth, early loss of teeth and protruded teeth affects kids food intake and psychologically as well. CDC can play a major role in Child Health to create a healthy generation.

Dentist For Sleep

It outlines the role of the dentist in the management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as follows:

  • To screen for potential OSA, by recognizing symptoms of OSA (snoring with other symptoms, e.g., sleepiness, choking, witnessed apneas;
  • To refer patients with either primary snoring or snoring with other symptoms to their family physician for a review of the overall medical history and to rule out the presence of OSA (the physician may refer the patient to a physician who is proficient in sleep medicine); and
  • To provide therapy with oral appliances and behavioral therapy after receiving a written request or prescription from a physician. Because this is a disease with increased mortality risk, oral appliances should be fitted by a qualified dentist who has training and experience in dental sleep medicine.

Dentist Against Oro-Facial Pain

The emerging field of oro-facial pain was considered by the American Dental Association for full status as a new dental specialty. Many recent advances in the neuroscience of oro-facial pain have led to treatments that provide significant relief for patients with chronic oro-facial pain disorders. However, access to this care has been limited, leaving many patients to suffer. A recent survey of 805 individuals who reported having a persistent pain disorder revealed that more than four out of 10 people have yet to find adequate relief, saying their pain is out of control–despite having the pain for more than five years and switching doctors at least once. “This survey suggests that there are millions of people living with severe uncontrolled pain,” says Russell Portenoy, MD, president of the American Pain Society. “This is a great tragedy. Although not everyone can be helped, it is likely that most of these patients could benefit if provided with state-of-the-art therapies and improved access to pain specialists when needed. Historically, patients with complex chronic oro-facial pain disorders have not been treated well by any discipline of healthcare. Recent studies of chronic oro-facial pain patients have found that these patients have a higher number of previous clinicians and have endured many years with pain prior to seeing an oro-facial pain dentist.

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